Vacant plots

As you know we have a number of vacant plots we are trying to relet. Most are in very poor condition which can put off some potential new starters. The current list as provided by the Council Is:

3, 12A, 38a, 56, 66, 66a, 75a, 106a, 284, 67A, 75, 78, 114a, 128a, 296.

All other plots are still let to current tenants. Others may become vacant soon as plotholders are now receiving their bill for the next year.

4 thoughts on “Vacant plots

  1. In late July I had a hip replacement operation which prevented me from visiting the allotments until last week when I thought I might pick some Bramley apples from my two trees. But someone had been there before me and saved me the bother as only one apple remained. Does anyone care any more about this sort of casual theft, as theft it is, or is it a risk we have to accept as part of running an allotment these days?

  2. It seems impossible to stop this kind of behaviour. One can only ask everyone to be vigilant
    Robin Hewitt

  3. Hi Robin,
    I would like to swap allotment at bushy park allotments,what is available at present? if you could let me know thank you.

  4. Hi Graham,

    I would like to do a swap of allotment at bushy park allotments,are there any available at the moment that I can look at? Thank you.

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