Advice Notes

This page contains the Bushy Park Allotment Association Advice Notes prepared by plot holders to help both newcomers and the more experienced. Please click on the link below to download the document.

  1. Notes for Newcomers
  2. Weeds and Cultivation
  3. Planning Plant Families and Crop Rotation
  4. Wildlife
  5. Using Water Wisely
  6. Cultivation Criteria & Inspections
  7. Compost & Rubbish
  8. To Dig or Not To Dig
  9. Bees
  10. Seeds Sets Cuttings & Seed Swop
  11. Hedgehogs

RHS Affiliation

The Association is affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society.This brings us a number of benefits, of which the main ones of interest to plot holders are:

  1. A copy of the RHS’s monthly magazine ‘The Garden’. This is held at the shop for anyone to read.
  2. Newsletters sent by email, which, if of interest, are posted on the website.
  3. A free visit once a year for up to 55 members to Wisley or another RHS garden. If you’re interested please send a post and perhaps this can be organised.
  4. Free allotment advice from the RHS’s specialist advisors where no-one else on site can help. All such requests must be made through the Secretary, Robin Hewitt, who is our nominated contact. He is on plot 68A or you can send a post to the website or email.

Other useful websites

For more help there are many useful websites but you might like to try: