Newsletter 61

The latest newsletter has been added to the Archives page. Lots of interesting information so well worth a read. The latest committee meeting minutes are on the noticeboard.

The next Open Day is scheduled for Saturday September 24th. The committee has decided that there will only be vegetarian food and no alcohol will be served.

There is a hosepipe ban from August 24th.

There have been some problems with newsletter circulation. Please contact Phil Iddison if you didn’t get a copy.

Latest committee news

The committee held their regular meeting on 27th March and the Secretary reports the following: –

  • The opening of the woody waste facility had been a great help to plot holders, thanks to
    Giuseppe for supervising.
  • The next Open Day will be 21st May. Food will be served but will not include meat in any
    form. Food will be served on paper plates, as opposed to plastic.
  • A facility will be set up this year to enable plot holders to donate excess produce to a local
    charity foodbank. Details will follow.
  • The Council is still promising action on the reletting of vacant plots and the clearance of
    overgrown plots.

The latest newsletter has also been issued and is available on the Archives page.


The latest newsletter has been added to the Archives page.

The Committee has:

  1. proposed dates for Open Days this year – see the Calendar page

2. decided not to renew our membership of the RHS as this has been little used.

3. decided Committee membership and meeting minutes will no longer be published on the website for data protection reasons but are available on the notice boards

Committee changes

Following the AGM and the election of Giuseppe de Vai as Chairman, a new committee has been formed with Hugh Munro as Secretary and Julie Batten as Treasurer. A full list of members is available on the Contacts page. The committee is still short of members so if you are interested please contact one of the new members.

The minutes of their first meeting on 28 November have been added to the Archives page.

Robin Hewitt will continue to look after the website for the time being.

AGM 2021

There were a number of changes to your committee at this year’s AGM. Giuseppe de Vai is our new Chairman and Julie Batten our new Treasurer. Pedro Vicente has also joined us. We also saw the resignation after long service of Vicky Phillips, Christina Aston and Gill Wilkinson for whose help we have been very grateful. A full list of the new committee is given on the Contacts page. We are still short-staffed and could do with more plotholders joining the team. Please contact a committee member if you’ld like to know more.

The AGM minutes have been added to the Archives page

Vacant plots

As you know we have a number of vacant plots we are trying to relet. Most are in very poor condition which can put off some potential new starters. The current list as provided by the Council Is:

3, 12A, 38a, 56, 66, 66a, 75a, 106a, 284, 67A, 75, 78, 114a, 128a, 296.

All other plots are still let to current tenants. Others may become vacant soon as plotholders are now receiving their bill for the next year.

Autumn Open Day and Annual General Meeting – Advance Notice

Given the present situation we have decided not to hold an autumn Open Day for allcomers. Instead we plan to bring forward the Association’s AGM to Saturday 2nd October at 11.00 followed by refreshments . This will be for plotholders only and we hope this is something you can support. The AGM doesn’t last very long and then we can all gather together over something to eat and drink. It should be a very enjoyable occasion.

As you know the committee is very short-handed and we are always looking for new members and for volunteers for communal tasks that come up. Please get in touch if you’re willing to help. Current committee members are listed on the Contacts page.