Bonfires and Composting

Following the recent absolute ban on bonfires, representatives of the BPAA met Council representatives on site to discuss alternatives.

Please note that, wherever possible, plotholders should maintain their own compost bins to use on their own plots. If you have transport, anything else should be taken home for the usual bin collection or taken to the tip. The Council has recognised that this is not always possible and has discussed matters with sites across the Borough. The following general approach has been pursued successfully on another site and was proposed for Bushy Park:

1) Plots 33 and 34, about halfway along the track, are currently vacant and it is proposed to convert these into a communal recycling/composting area. We would need to clear the plots and the Council will then take away the material.

2) Clearly labelled covered bins will be be provided for the various types of waste to be erected by BPAA using material supplied by the Council, covering various categories – a)general compostable, b) with pernicious weeds c) metal d) wood needing chipping. Compostable material would be stored until it can be re-used on site and once one bin is filled another would be started.

3) The Council would bring a chipper at regular intervals and then remove any chipped material that could not be composted, plus the weed pile if needed.

4) Metal could be collected by a suitable contractor.

The Council also agreed to pay for the supply of scalpings to repair the worst parts of the track, provided we then carried out the necessary work.

As you can see this is quite an ambitious scheme requiring considerable effort on the part of plotholders to get it started and to make it work. Please let us have your views and whether you’re willing to help with all that’s involved.