POSTPONED – Social Event to be held in memory of ‘Sainsbury’s John’ Sunday 21 July 2024

Tenants and their families are invited to a social event being held in memory of one of our long term tenants John Wade – known to many of us as John ‘Sainsbury’s’, who sadly passed away last month. This event will be held at the Shop Car Park on Sunday the 21st July from 12 noon onwards.

Food and drinks will be provided.

Bushy Park Allotment Association Newsletter 70 – May 2024

BPAA Newsletter 70 – May 2024 has been added to the Archives page.

The BPAA Constitution 2010 document has been added to the About page and can also be found here.

We had a sunny day for our Open Day this Saturday. Thank you for all of you who made it happen – cafeteria, baking, pizza, plants and plant sale. You are stars!

Reminder of the week starting 3rd of June – the Shop carpark and the south carpark will be fully occupied by the film crew for filming an episode for the Chelsea Detective British Police TV Drama.

The Beekeepers in the allotment – would you be interested in teaming up for ideas and support? If you are interested, drop me an email We could arrange to meet up and visit our hives.

Allotment Spring Open Day

Bushy Park Allotment Open Day will be held on Saturday the 25th May 2024 12pm – 3pm.

Note the changed date!

We need help to set up and assist with coffees and teas from 9am on and clearing out in the end. Could you bring along cakes and other food items for the event table.

Bushy Park Allotment association Newsletter 69 – February 2024

BPAA Newsletter 69 – February 2024 has been added to the archives page.

Some news —

  • The AGM will be held on Saturday 16th March at 11am 2024
    The Autumn Open Day was cancelled. An internal social event was held on 14th October. It
    remembered long-term tenants John Whitby and Ted Leppard who passed away earlier in the year.
  • Tenants have generally observed the rules for woody waste facility. Some plastic waste and
    pallets/wood were however deposited. The Council have partially cleared the material.
    One tenant was seen bringing woody waste from outside, he has a landscaping business, this is not permitted. The Council have noted that non-allotment material has been put in the facility, this may jeopardise the use of this facility in the future.
  • The water will be turned back on when no frosts are forecast.
  • Please lock the gate on entry and exit, the vehicle gate has often been left unlocked!
  • Lidl are a good source of cheap seeds! Tested and good germination and
    sensible quantities of seed in each packet, a mix of heritage and new varieties.

BushyPark Allotment Association Newsletter 68 (November 2023)

BPAA Newsletter 68 has been added to the Archives page.

Thank you for the tenants who have used the woody waste facility sensibly.  Unfortunately there have also been tenants not following the rules – who have not bothered to stack the material at the back and also tenants who have brought material from outside the allotments

There will be a Community Assembly in the York House, Twickenham Sunday the 10th of December 2-5pm to discuss about What could be done to improve biodiversity in our borough. It is free but you need to register yourself beforehand in the eventbrite site:
Search: richmond-community-assembly-tickets

Woody Waste Facility

The WOODY WASTE FACILITY is now open to receive your allotment waste.
Please deposit only the materials that the Council have agreed to remove. These are: –

  • Pruning material from your trees, fruit bushes and fruit canes on your allotment plot.
  • Other woody plant material that you are not able to compost, sweetcorn and sunflower stalks for instance,
    again only from your plot.

Please place the material at the back of the empty section and pile it up, do not dump it at the entrance. If the gate is closed, open it by swinging it to the left and deposit your material inside. Take care, the ground surface can be slippery.

The following are NOT acceptable: –

  • GREEN WASTE – you should be composting this on your plot.
  • ANYTHING FROM YOUR HOME or BUSINESS – this is for allotment grown materials only!

We had to clear green waste fly-tipped against the gate, if this facility is abused it will be closed permanently. When the gate is padlocked the facility is closed, dispose of your waste elsewhere.