Covid-19 Precautions

We have noticed that some tenants are NOT following the rules on social distancing.

Being behind a wall does NOT mean we are forgotten. The police helicopter has been checking us out, probably because we are next to the park which they are checking regularly. The only reason to be at the allotments is for the sanctioned activity of exercise.

If you don’t want to lose the extraordinary privilege that your plot confers please stick to the rules:

  • Maintain ‘social distancing’ and keep a minimum of 2-5 metres from anyone else. If someone approaches you on a path, step aside to create that distance and let them pass
  • No friends or guests to visit
  • No barbeques. The Council has instructed that communal facilities must be closed
  • Go straight to and stay on your plot. Families, please stay on your plot and do not socialise with others.

Remember, one indiscreet action could lead to the allotments being closed.

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