Following the recent heavy rain and resulting saturated ground there has been severe flooding in parts of the site and many plots are under water. We have been in touch with the Royal Parks and they advised the main cause is that the River Colne flows out of the Chilterns past Heathrow and feeds the Longford. There has been an enormous amount of rain, but they have now closed 2 of the 3 sluices that feed the water into the Longford which should help.  They reassured us that the water is not contaminated with sewage being pure river water. The only contamination is from run off from the swimming pool car park and any loose vegetation. They do not consider there is any great risk from this but we will raise this with the Council when they return from their Christmas break. The flooding is widespread across the Park’s Brewhouse fields and they are trying to discharge it as fast as possible, but there is nowhere to pump it to. We must simply wait for it to drain away into the Thames.

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  1. Flooding – many years of experience with this. First pollution – in most flooded areas that back on to swimming pool car park water comes from swimming pool car park. Those down side next to field obviously it comes from field but we are at the bottom corner and so we get it from the field and also swimming pool car park. We have had to give up with cabbages or Brussels since all the flooding has given us club root. Also we have lost all our winter vegetables to flooding at other times. We now put our winter crops further up on our plot away from the flooding we thought, but this time we once again risk losing our curly kale/ purple sprouting/carrots/spinach/cavalo nero this time again since the floods are higher than ever before with no chance they will go down any time soon. We have planted a plum tree each time further up our allotment only to find that the floods get worse and the floods kill the tree. We will plant no more. We hope this time our other trees survive but the flooding is very bad.

    Sluices – the park know once they open the sluices there is first of all a torrent of water that rushes first down to swimming pool and to our corner of allotments. Then if they leave them open for long the water will spread upwards and outwards. On the 20th December it was starting to devastate our allotment corner and the swimming pool but although it was worse than ever before, others were not that bad. Then the sluices stayed open and the torrent got worse with the flooding really deep by the 24th December when the park told Robin Hewitt, they would close two sluices – too little too late. Extensive flooding on so many plots resulted. I did try to ring park manager, Mr Shaw on the 20th but he wasn’t available and didn’t return the call.

    I understand the problem for the park in controlling the water but it is a long way down to the Thames. There is a lot of parkland and water courses as well as other areas where there is no public access between the brew house fields and the Thames. I cannot understand why all the sluices are opened in one place where it gives an immediate torrent down to the swimming pool and our corner of the allotments allowing so much devastation – clean water, no harm done is certainly not the case.

    The swimming pool has been very very badly hit at a very busy time. We went twice to see how they were doing. There were a lot of customers but had sandbags piled up to try to keep back the water even from reception. They have pumped some down the drains but It is a very big problem for them and very sad for a pool which is used by so many within the community – non profit making charity at that.

    So as global warming gets worse, I wonder if the council and our committee could have talks with the park managers to try to find ways to manage this Longford River more effectively for us on the allotments as well as keep the swimming pool and the park safe as well.

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