Bushy Park Allotment association Newsletter 69 – February 2024

BPAA Newsletter 69 – February 2024 has been added to the archives page.

Some news —

  • The AGM will be held on Saturday 16th March at 11am 2024
    The Autumn Open Day was cancelled. An internal social event was held on 14th October. It
    remembered long-term tenants John Whitby and Ted Leppard who passed away earlier in the year.
  • Tenants have generally observed the rules for woody waste facility. Some plastic waste and
    pallets/wood were however deposited. The Council have partially cleared the material.
    One tenant was seen bringing woody waste from outside, he has a landscaping business, this is not permitted. The Council have noted that non-allotment material has been put in the facility, this may jeopardise the use of this facility in the future.
  • The water will be turned back on when no frosts are forecast.
  • Please lock the gate on entry and exit, the vehicle gate has often been left unlocked!
  • Lidl are a good source of cheap seeds! Tested and good germination and
    sensible quantities of seed in each packet, a mix of heritage and new varieties.

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