Woody waste area – temporary closure

We are grateful to the Council for clearing the woody waste area. The area is now closed temporarily due to the Council’s contractors having capacity issues and will re-open in due course. Please store your woody waste on your plot until then or take it to the tip.

Please compost all other waste on your plot.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Woody waste area – temporary closure

  1. Hi Robin,
    Is there any progress on the situation with the woody based refuse at the allotments please? I’m building up quite a lot of weed roots and woody cuttings that really should be burnt. I’m aware we’re not allowed to do that and this area was supposed to be an alternative. What are we supposed to do?
    Many thanks,

  2. I’d like to know as well. Plenty of woody waste built up from pruning.
    I gather the waste area was open briefly a few days ago. No notice was given to people and it is now closed again.
    Can we have proper notification please?

    • Woody waste area open today. Only know that as I was down there today. I got an email from Phillip the other day about the gates being closed. Im assuming we all did. I don’t understand why we didn’t get emailed about the woody waste.

      Communication is not very good and people need notice. I’m happy to volunteer to look after this side of things for the committee. Robin, would that help?

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